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  Yarely is strategically located within 25 kilometres of the proposed Metates plant site in Sinaloa state. Precious and base metal mineralization is hosted within several different deposit types including skarns, epithermal veins, disseminated stockwork zones and breccias. A systematic program of geological mapping, rock chip channel sampling, trenching, IP geophysics and drilling has defined six significant prospects.

Central- Spaniard Prospect

The Spaniard zone contains a swarm of north-north east trend quartz-calcite veins. The veins average 2 metres in width and can be traced for over a kilometre in length. During the Spanish Colonial period, the oxidized veins were mined to an average depth of 15 metres before transitioning into sulfides.

Two core holes drill testing one vein confirmed the down-dip sulfide mineralization to at least 100 metres.
  • At 45 metres a 1.0 metre intercept returned 6.3 g/t gold, 969 g/t silver
  • At 70 metres, 5.1 metres returned 0.6 g/t gold and 58 g/t silver

Loretos Prospect

Loretos is west of the Central Prospect. The main target is a blind skarn- porphyry indicated by a coincident north-northwest trending IP anomaly 3 kilometres long and 1 kilometre wide.

Three wide spaced holes were drilled to determine the existence of a porphyry system. The first two holes intersected long intervals (200 and 400 metres) of anomalous copper and molybdenum indicating proximity to a porphyry intrusive. The third hole intercepted mineralized porphyritic dykes and intrusive breccias. The extensive sulfide mineralization, alteration and stockworks encountered within the intrusive and the surrounding highly altered host rocks suggest the upper and/or external zones of a porphyry which may be similar to other large porphyry type deposits in Mexico.

Lucy Prospect

Lucy hosts a large skarn/ carbonate replacement/manto type deposit. Several flat lying and outcropping mantos from 10 to 30 metres thick have been channel sampled over an area 3.5 by 1.0 kilometres. Significant results include:
  • 23 m of 0.34 g/t gold, 30 g/t silver, 0.3% copper and 1.4% zinc
  • 25 m of 0.21 g/t gold, 42 g/t silver, 0.20% copper and 0.88% zinc
  • 30 m of 0.40 g/t gold, 12 g/t silver, 0.10% copper and 3.70% zinc
  • 30 m of 1.92 g/t gold, 17 g/t silver, 0.21% copper and 3.37% zinc
Two drill holes collared 500 metres apart intersected near surface mineralization comparable to the channel sampling.
  • 22 m of 0.33 g/t gold, 1.46% zinc
  • 25 m of 0.59 g/t gold, 22 g/t silver, 1.62% zinc

Sundae Prospect

Sundae represents a well-preserved epithermal vein system over three kilometres in length hosting individual quartz veins from 1 to 5 metres wide. These veins are commonly part of a vein swarm up to tens of metres in width. The quartz veins display high level, low sulfidation epithermal textures which suggest the potential vertical zonation overlying Bonanza grade gold-silver mineralization at depth. Preliminary geophysics shows a continuity of the structures to over 500 metres depth in the resistivity sections and a chargeability anomaly possibly related to sulfides.

Los Mimbres Prospect

Los Mimbres covers an extensive alteration area of 8 square kilometres within sandstone and shale. The system varies from fracture filling veins in the uppers zones to disseminated sulfides and quartz stockwork 200 metres lower in elevation. The clastic sedimentary host rocks, age, geochemistry and the style of mineralization are similar to Metates. Channel samples taken from the disseminated-stockwork zones returned:
  • 7 m of 1.15 g/t gold and 88 g/t silver
  • 7 m of 0.90 g/t gold and 87 g/t silver
  • 31 m of 0.30 g/t gold and 14 g/t silver (stockwork around veins)

Yasmin Prospect

Yasmin is a large quartz vein system related to a breccia body. The system comprises a northeast trending zone 6 kilometres long and 2 kilometres wide which remains open along strike. Channel sampling returned:
  • 3 m of 4.1 g/t gold
  • 6 m of 1.1 g/t gold, 33 g/t silver and 0.5% copper
  • 17 m of 0.8 g/t gold and 10 g/t silver

Goyo Prospect

Goyo is a district scale epithermal system associated with a possible dome field. Mineralization comprises low sulfidation epithermal quarts breccias and stockworks related to north-south trending regional structures over one kilometre. Assays from two rock chip channel sections taken 100 metres returned:
  • 30 m of 1.63 g/t gold and 38 g/t silver
  • 15 m of 0.60 g/t gold and 9 g/t silver

Another subparallel gold-silver mineralized structure located two kilometres to the northwest returned the following chip channel assays quartz veins:
  • 4 m of 3.74 g/t gold and 90 g/t sliver
  • 5 m of 1.30 g/t gold and 15 g/t silver
  • 25 m of 0.54 g/t gold and 35 g/t silver (stockwork adjacent to veins)

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